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There are two kinds of lifestyles – the lifestyle you choose, or the lifestyle that chooses you. Which one do you want? The decision is yours. The life can be yours. – Karen Frazier.

Dance and fitness can be part of your lifestyle, as it is the way you dress, the way you eat and of course, the care you put on your health! Knowing your eating habits could curb a possible risk of disease. This, because many consequences for attitudes towards food cause health risks.

I was always a very skinny person, so much that as a child my parents gave me extra food for me to gain some weight. Throughout the years, marriage, children, sitting for 8 hours working in my office and multiple daily activities made me lose control over my eating habits, like how to eat, what to eat and at what time should I eat.

Then, the boom of “diets” and “weight loss products” became part of our lifestyle, creating a lot of confusing and contradicting information, that made us forget the true and real meaning of good and healthy food habits.

Back in September 2018 I had the opportunity to move to Malaga, Spain and I noticed a different lifestyle where, despite of eating full meals including dessert, there were not overweighed people. I also noticed that people walk a lot … and I loved all of that.

Lately, I have gradually lost 20 pounds, but best of all, I have not stopped eating good and balanced food and I am perfectly healthy. So, for those who like it, I am going to give you some tips and recipes in my next blogs of what I have been doing to recover my good eating habits.