How it Works

                    The DANMAR experience

DANMAR Dance & Fitness

• A revolutionary approach to Dance & Fitness training from home!
• This online program combines exercise and fitness techniques with a fun variety of Dance choreographies.

• Learn new & exciting dance and fitness choreographies with us!

• Dance and get fit anywhere and at convenient times.
• Choreography and its Tutorial videos available for children, teens & adults!

• Fabulous and talented Instructors & teachers!
• Different packages to choose from!
• Amazing prices!
• Have fun. Don’t get bored.

• Enjoy wherever you want. Cancel whenever you want!.


What is it?

Do you enjoy to dance?

Do you like to sweat and get fit?

Do you like to stay healthy and active?


DANMAR Dance & Fitness is an online program created by DANMAR’s Artistic Director Maria Fernanda Urbaez. Our objective is to provide you with different DANCE-FIT choreographies that are perfect for those who love to have a great time while dancing, sweating, getting fit and staying healthy!


Enjoy Dance & Fitness online program on your Tv, mobile phone, tablet, computer, laptop or any device you have on hand at no additional cost. 

What we do?

DANMAR offers choreography videos and tutorials of a variety of dance & fitness classes to children, teenagers and adults.


We are a team of teachers, instructors and choreographers who communicate the moves and steps, in an engaging and fun way! We offer you the instructions and resources to take your dance skills to the next level, while enhancing your health habits.

How it works?

• DANMAR Dance & Fitness online program offers you the option of different packages to choose from:

A-  DANCE & FITNESS REGULAR MONTHLY PACKAGE: specially designed for the enjoyment of the whole family! This package offers all the material included in the library of cardio-dance choreographies and their respective existing tutorials, plus all the recorded material of the IN-PERSON flamenco classes, plus new releases every week!
B- DANMAR CHALLENGE “NEW”: Coming soon!. Stay Tuned! 
C- FLAMENCO CERTIFICATION Registrations until October 2020 

D- IN-PERSON  FLAMENCO  CLASSES (Teens & Adults).      At  your request,  we  have decided  to  start  offering  In – Person  Flamenco  classes  as a complement  to  our  new  DANMAR  DANCE  &  FITNESS   online  program. Please note  that  this is an ever-changing situation  which will  be updated  as regulations  about  preventing the spread of  the coronavirus (COVID-19)  and the protection of our students change.

• Dance and Fitness choreographies and their tutorials are offered in a range of many disciplines and popular styles: Flamenco Scenes, Urban Grooves, Latin World, Arabian Fantasy, and our Signature DANMAR Fitness class: Ton-ditioning.

Dancing has many BENEFITS including WEIGHT LOSS:

• Improve self esteem
• Improve your posture
• Get stronger
• Burn calories
• Have full body awareness
• Learn how to love yourself & your body
• Reach your fitness goals

• Improve your stamina, coordination & memorization
• Improve your dance skills
• Having fun while getting in shape.


What do you NEED for your online classes

  • A personal space that is only yours and free of distractions.
  • The desire to be the best at what you are doing.
  • Confortable clothing and appropiate shoes according to the dance or fitness choreography you are taking.
  • A floor mat.
  • A positive attitude and your beautiful smile!


How many CALORIES can you BURN with dancing?

  • Faster dancing will burn more calories than slower dancing.
  • Alternating between fast and slow movements help you burn more calories than just dancing at a consistent speed.
  • Adding fitness fundamentals to your cardio-dance choreographies helps you lose even more calories and makes the process much more fun!


Remember that you will work on different sections and parts of the body. The goal is for you to learn these cardio-dance routines because they become memorized choreographies that could also be performed later on as we progress and improve!

The U.S Department of Health and Human Services recommends that adults get at least 150 minutes of moderate intensity or 75 minutes of high intensity exercise each week for health benefits, including weight loss.

To ensure you are making the most of your DANMAR experience.

• Packages: Review all the Packages we offer.

• Best option: Choose the option that best meets your goals and let the journey begin!

• Classes: Review the class descriptions to make sure you know what each dance style is all about.

• Consistency: Take advantage of every class and every choreography we offer you monthly! Give us everything you’ve got!

• Practice: Make sure you are practicing everything you are learning. This is key to your success and improvement!

• Levels: You know your body better than anyone, so you do what you feel is right for you!

• Come ready to enjoy this new experience with us! Let’s have some fun!

Are you ready? LET’S DO IT!