This course is aimed at students without prior knowledge about Flamenco who want to start from the beginning to train from the technique.




  • To dance Flamenco correctly, certain basic knowledge is necessary that will help you coordinate movements and even get to know your body better. We first explain in detail how to stretch your muscles before and after each exercise session. In addition, we give you simple tricks for the correct positioning of the body.
  • We will introduce you to the first stomping exercises that will lead you to achieve good sound, strength and speed, and eventually resistance.
  • We will teach you the main arm positions and hand movements. And finally the most basic hip exercises, jogs and turns.
  • These first steps will be the beginning of a great academic training that will lead you to be able to perform choreography at a basic level. Depending on the time you dedicate and also on your personal qualities, you will be able to achieve the objectives that are set and you will be able to gradually increase your knowledge and abilities.


  • This course is at the INTRODUCTORY level, so it is not necessary to have previous knowledge to be able to acquire it.
  • It would be very positive and it would even accelerate the learning process if you could have a full-length mirror in which to observe
  • You will need flamenco dance shoes, long flamenco skirt, leggings, la maderita.
  • Space to practice.


  • 20 Lessons, with more than 90 minutes of content.
  • You will learn the INTRODUCTORY basic technical knowledge to be able to perform any choreography.
  • Over time you will be able to acquire strength, speed and endurance.
  • You will achieve coordination in your movements.


1. Welcome
2. Warm-up
3. Body position

This is one of the 20 lessons included in the course

And this is another one

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