September 2020

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First of all, in order for us to achieve good eating habits, we have to adhere to a regular eating schedule.   If, for example, today we have breakfast at 8 in the morning, tomorrow we have breakfast at 10 and the next day we decide not to have breakfast at all, then our brain does not know which pattern of behavior we are telling it to follow.   Of course, you know that what you eat is important, but when you eat can play a huge role in good digestive

DANMAR was first opened back in 1999 in Weston Florida and moved to Houston in 2001. DANMAR was created by two talented young sisters, DANiela Urbaez Olivares and MARia Fernanda Urbaez Tapia, who had a tremendous passion for dance and music. Daniela Urbaez Olivares along with her husband Pedro Cesar Olivares passed on in January 1st 2007. Both live on in our hearts and memories and inspire the work of DANMAR to this day.   In order to integrate the community in our mission, we created DAPA, DANMAR Academy of

There are two kinds of lifestyles – the lifestyle you choose, or the lifestyle that chooses you. Which one do you want? The decision is yours. The life can be yours. – Karen Frazier. Dance and fitness can be part of your lifestyle, as it is the way you dress, the way you eat and of course, the care you put on your health! Knowing your eating habits could curb a possible risk of disease. This, because many consequences for attitudes towards food cause health risks. I was always a very skinny person, so much